Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra

Contemporary music with a unique transparent “chamber” sound.

Innovative projects combining western and global heritage with a qualified curiosity.

Reaching out to new generations with workshops and education

The Spirit of Breath 

feat. Florian Weber
and Lars Møller

Brazilian Aria

feat. Egberto Gismonti
and Lars Møller


feat. Peter Rosendahl and Trio Mio –
Album of the Year
(Jazz Special – 2020)

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Copenhagen Jazz Orchestra (formerly “The Orchestra”) has since the 1990’s caried the tradition of intense and relaxed ensemble-sound with and open mind for experiments.

The band is made up of some of the best Scandinavian freelance-players and composers and has collaborated with leading international artist like Bob Brookmeyer, Egberto Gismonti and Florian Weber.


Peter Fuglsang
Kasper Wagner
Lars Møller
Hans Ulrik
Jan Harbeck

Steen Hansen
Mia Engsager
Niels Gerhardt
Kim Aagaard

Christer Gustafsson
Jesper Riis
Maj Berit Guassora
Hendrik Jørgensen

Guitar: Thor Madsen
Bass: Kaspar Vadsholt
Drums: Jonas Johansen

Lars Møller - Artistic Director

More info Global Jazz Explorer Institute
Kasper Wagner - General Manager